Volume 59, No. 1 - Spring 2018
 Table of Contents for Volume 59, No. 1 - Spring 2018
Spring and Summer 2018 Activity Schedule, Tema J. Hecht2
President's Message, Gary Moldovany4
From the Editor's Desk, Richard J. Keller, Jr.5
Pete Dunn Bibliography5
Happenings at Sterling Hill, Bill Kroth and Jeff Osowski6
Franklin Mineral Museum Report, Mark Boyer7
The 61st Annual Franklin-Sterling Gem & Mineral Show, September 23-24, 2017, Steven M. Kuitems, DMD9
In Memoriam: Ronald H. Mishkin, Earl R. Verbeek12
A Report on the Operations of the Franklin Mine During 1910, Benjamin E Tillson13
Pete J. Dunn, 1942-2017, Tony Nikischer23
Pete J. Dunn, Humanitarian, Earl R. Verbeek26
Pete Dunn - "Information for Memorial," Herb Yeates27
Pete Dunn - A Personal Journey of Discovery, Herb Yeates29
1972: A Propitious Year for Franklin, Peter Chin37
Who Was Dr. Pete J. Dunn?, Dick and Elna Hauck40
Pete Dunn, a Unique Friend, Lee Lowell41
Dr. Pete J. Dunn: My Friend, Maureen Verbeek43
You Will Be You: The Wisdom of Pete Dunn, Donald J. Halterman, Jr.45