Volume 61, No. 2 – Fall 2020
 Table of Contents for Volume 61, No. 2 – Fall 2020
Fall 2020 Activity Schedule, Tema J. Hecht2
President's Message, Gary Kerstanski3
From the Editor’s Desk, James Van Fleet3
Happenings at Sterling Hill, Bill Kroth4
The Sparta Flood of August 2000 and the Partial Collapse of the “Backwards Tunnel” in Ogdensburg, N.J., Mark Boyer5
Remembering Barb Wagner, Sarah Laine Peterson9
Field Trip Report, James Van Fleet10
Minerals of the Apatite Supergroup at Franklin and Sterling Hill, With Historical Notes, Earl R. Verbeek and Richard C. Bostwick13
A Most Unusual Specimen of Zincite and Esperite, Steven M. Kuitems, DMD33