Location Found: Franklin
 Mineral Note: Niccolite is an alternate name
 Formula: NiAs
 Essential Elements: Arsenic, Nickel
 All Elements in Formula: Arsenic, Nickel
 IMA Status: Valid - first described prior to 1959 (pre-IMA) - "Grandfathered"
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Dunn, Pete J. (1995). Franklin and Sterling Hill New Jersey: the world's most magnificent mineral deposits. Franklin, NJ.: The Franklin-Ogdensburg Mineralogical Society. p.547

Frondel, Clifford (1972). The minerals of Franklin and Sterling Hill, a checklist. NY.: John Willey & Sons. p.69

The Picking Table References
 PT Issue and PageDescription / Comment
View IssueV. 31, No. 1 - Spring 1990, pg. 3Breithauptite From The Nickel-Arsenide Assemblage at Franklin, New Jersey, Nickeline (small description)

Nickeline, pimelite, fluorite and sphalerite from Franklin, NJ
Nickeline (golden copper metallic), pimelite (green), fluorite (purple) and sphalerite (yellow to brown) from Franklin, NJ. Field of view 1" x 3/4". From the collection of, and photo by Robert A. Boymistruk.

Sawn nickeline, fluorite, calcite and minor rammelsbergite from Franklin, NJ
Sawn nickeline (brass-colored), fluorite (violet), calcite (white to light gray) and minor rammelsbergite (silver-colored) from Franklin New Jersey. The insert shows a natural edge of the nickeline. 1.5" x 1". From the collection of Zack and Ralph Bonard, photo by WP.

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