The Franklin-Ogdensburg Mineralogical Society, Inc. (FOMS)
provides programs designed to benefit the community, mineral collectors,
and others interested in the minerals, mineralogy, and geology of the
Franklin-Ogdensburg area of New Jersey

Our Mission:
  • To establish and maintain, in cooperation with other interested groups, a permanent museum in Franklin, New Jersey for the minerals of Franklin and Ogdensburg.
  • To develop new information on the minerals and mineralogy through cooperative programs with universities and other scientific organizations and individuals.
  • To obtain and make available accurate, up-to-date information on the minerals and mineralogy of the areas.
  • To facilitate collecting of the local minerals while conserving material for future collectors.
  • To facilitate accurate identification of the local minerals.
  • To promote fellowship and the advancement of mineralogy and geology by providing meetings for members of the Society.

Become a Member

Our yearly activities consist of seven scheduled meetings and field trips. Meetings are open to the public, and are held at 1:30 PM, usually in Kraissl Hall at the Franklin Mineral Museum, Evans St., Franklin NJ. Members receive our official publication, The Picking Table, which is issued twice a year in the Spring and Fall. It features articles of interest to the mineralogical community that pertain to the Franklin-Ogdensburg area and will advise you of the dates of meetings, field trips, and other activities of the Society. The FOMS Activities Schedule is also posted on the Franklin-Ogdensburg Mineralogical Society public group on Facebook. To become a member, please fill out and print the membership form.


THE MINERALOGY OF FRANKLIN AND OGDENSBURG NEW JERSEY (also known as The Color Book) is now available for purchase.
The cost of the book is $185 plus tax, which would make your total $197.26.
The book can be purchased at the Franklin Mineral Museum or the Sterling Hill Mining Museum.

For all upcoming events go to our Events Page

Last Field Trip Report - Collecting at the Braen Franklin Quarry, May 18, 2019

For our May dig of 2019, the club attended a field trip to Braen Stone Industries in Franklin, NJ. Finds included pyrite, fluorite, norbergite, and diopside, along with uncommon corundum and fluorescent sphalerite.

For the full report with descriptions go to our Past Field Trips page.

Fluorescent Franklin Mineral

Calcite, willemite and franklinite collected at the Sterling Hill Mine, Ogdensburg NJ.
The calcite fluoresces orange and the willemite green in shortwave UV light.

Use Use the buttons below to see the rock fluoresce.

image in white light image in UV light


Newly Added Images of Franklin Minerals, Franklin-Ogdensburg area.