Archived Mineral Lists for
Franklin and Ogdensburg, NJ

These archived mineral lists were prepared by the Mineral List Committee of the Franklin-Ogdensburg Mineralogical Society Inc. - FOMS. Older mineral lists will be added over time. To load a list select a year, minerals that have had their names changed will link back to the current accepted name.
The lists will be shown as they were printed, unless noted. The fluorescent mineral information will be based on prior year if no fluorescent information was provided with the list. Also, specific location information and type locality will be based on the 2015 list, as earlier lists did not provide this information.

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The Franklin Mineral Museum (FMM) is responsible for publishing an annual list of mineral species known to occur in the Franklin Mining District. This list has traditionally appeared every fall in the show booklet for the Franklin-Sterling Gem and Mineral Show, an event sponsored by the FMM and now in its 61st year, and is also published on occasion in The Picking Table, the journal of the Franklin-Ogdensburg Mineralogical Society. A museum-appointed Species List Committee prepares this list in consultation with various subject-matter experts. Members of the current committee are Richard Bostwick, Dr. Steven Kuitems, Lee Lowell, Tony Nikischer, and Dr. Earl Verbeek. Vandall King provided extensive technical assistance and advice regarding the current list in preparation for a soon-to-appear book on the local minerals.
The Species List Committee holds to strict standards of identification. Before the advent of this committee and involvement of the Franklin Mineral Museum, some previous lists were flawed by incorrect sight identifications (often of minerals that were not inherently sight-identifiable), insufficient data to uphold a claimed identification, or claims of positive identifications based on unknown or unrevealed sources. In addition, problems of fabricated species identifications occurred on occasion, especially when such claims would result in financial gains through increased mineral sales. To hold such problems to a minimum, it is the policy of the Committee to accept only well verified species to its lists. To validate a claim of a mineral new to the area, the Committee requests copies of the original data and specification of the analytical methods used. The discoverer is further requested to submit a descriptive article to The Picking Table, for the benefit of the society's members.

This list conforms to the nomenclature of the International Mineralogical Association (IMA) except where noted.

Location Found Unique to
Fluorescent Under
UV Light
AcanthiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  100 Found
ActinoliteFranklin, Ogdensburg  101 Found
AdamiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  102 Found
AdeliteFranklin, Ogdensburg  103 Found
AegirineFranklin, Ogdensburg  104 Found
Aegirine-augiteFranklin  464  
AkrochorditeOgdensburg  105 Found
AlbiteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave106 Found
AllactiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  107 Found
Allanite-(Ce)Franklin  108  
AlleghanyiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  109 Found
AlmandineFranklin  110  
AnalcimeFranklin  111  
AnanditeOgdensburg  112 Found
AnataseFranklin  113  
AndraditeFranklin, Ogdensburg  114 Found
AnglesiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  115 Found
AnhydriteFranklin, Ogdensburg  116 Found
AnnabergiteFranklin  117  
AnniteOgdensburg  118 Found
AnorthiteFranklin, Ogdensburg Shortwave119 Found
AnorthoclaseFranklin  120  
AntigoriteFranklin  461  
AntleriteFranklin  121  
AragoniteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave122 Found
ArakiiteFranklin  462  
ArsenicOgdensburg  123 Found
ArseniosideriteOgdensburg  124 Found
ArsenoliteOgdensburg  463 Found
ArsenopyriteFranklin, Ogdensburg  125 Found
AtacamiteFranklin  126  
AugiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  127 Found
AurichalciteFranklin, Ogdensburg  128 Found
AuroriteOgdensburg  129 Found
AustiniteFranklin, Ogdensburg  130 Found
Axinite-(Fe)Franklin  131  
Axinite-(Mn)Franklin (Type Locality), Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave132 Found
AzuriteFranklin, Ogdensburg  133 Found
BakeriteFranklin  134  
BannisteriteFranklin (Type Locality)  135  
BariopharmacosideriteOgdensburg  136 Found
Barite (IMA = baryte)Franklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave137 Found
BaryliteFranklin Shortwave138  
BarysiliteFranklin  139  
BassaniteOgdensburg Shortwave140 Found
BaumhaueriteOgdensburg  141 Found
BementiteFranklin (Type Locality), Ogdensburg  142 Found
BerthieriteOgdensburg  143 Found
BianchiteOgdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave144 Found
BirnessiteOgdensburg  145 Found
BorniteFranklin, Ogdensburg  146 Found
BostwickiteFranklin (Type Locality)Yes 147  
BrandtiteOgdensburg  148 Found
BreithauptiteFranklin  149  
BrochantiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  150 Found
BrookiteFranklin  151  
BruciteFranklin, Ogdensburg  152 Found
BultfonteiniteFranklin  153  
BustamiteFranklin (Type Locality), Ogdensburg Short and Longwave154 Found
CahniteFranklin (Type Locality) Short, Mid and Longwave155  
CalciteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave156 Found
CanavesiteOgdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave158 Found
CarrolliteFranklin  159  
CaryopiliteFranklin, Ogdensburg  160 Found
CelestineFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave161 Found
CelsianFranklin  162  
CerussiteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave163 Found
Chabazite-CaFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave164 Found
ChalcociteFranklin, Ogdensburg  165 Found
ChalcophaniteFranklin, Ogdensburg (Type Locality)  166 Found, Type Locality
ChalcopyriteFranklin, Ogdensburg  167 Found
ChamositeFranklin  168  
CharlesiteFranklin (Type Locality) Shortwave169  
ChloritoidFranklin  170  
ChlorophoeniciteFranklin (Type Locality), Ogdensburg  171 Found
ChondroditeFranklin Shortwave172  
ChrysocollaFranklin, Ogdensburg  173 Found
ChrysotileFranklin, Ogdensburg  174 Found
CianciulliiteFranklin (Type Locality)Yes 175  
ClinochloreFranklin, Ogdensburg  176 Found
ClinoclaseOgdensburg  178 Found
ClinohedriteFranklin (Type Locality) Short, Mid and Longwave179  
ClinohumiteOgdensburg  180 Found
ClinozoisiteOgdensburg  181 Found
ClintoniteFranklin  182  
ConichalciteOgdensburg  183 Found
ConnelliteOgdensburg  184 Found
CopperFranklin, Ogdensburg  185 Found
CorundumFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave186 Found
CovelliteOgdensburg  187 Found
CryptomelaneOgdensburg  188 Found
CummingtoniteOgdensburg  189 Found
CupriteFranklin, Ogdensburg  190 Found
CuprostibiteFranklin  191  
CuspidineFranklin Short, Mid and Longwave192  
CyanotrichiteOgdensburg  193 Found
DatoliteFranklin Short, Mid and Longwave194  
DescloiziteOgdensburg  195 Found
DevillineOgdensburg  196 Found
DigeniteOgdensburg  197 Found
DiopsideFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave198 Found
DjurleiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  199 Found
DolomiteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave200 Found
DomeykiteFranklin  201  
DraviteFranklin, Ogdensburg  202 Found
DuftiteOgdensburg  203 Found
DundasiteOgdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave204 Found
DypingiteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave205 Found
EdeniteFranklin, Ogdensburg  206 Found
EpidoteFranklin, Ogdensburg  207 Found
EpsomiteOgdensburg Mid and Longwave208 Found
ErythriteFranklin, Ogdensburg  209 Found
EsperiteFranklin (Type Locality) Short, Mid and Longwave210  
EuchroiteOgdensburg  211 Found
EveiteOgdensburg  212 Found
FayaliteFranklin, Ogdensburg  213 Found
FeitknechtiteFranklin (Type Locality)  214  
FerrimolybditeOgdensburg  215 Found
Ferro-actinoliteFranklin  216  
Ferro-hornblendeOgdensburg  465 Found
FlinkiteFranklin  217  
FluckiteOgdensburg  218 Found
FluoboriteFranklin, Ogdensburg Shortwave219 Found
Fluor-uviteFranklin (Type Locality), Ogdensburg Shortwave223 Found
FluorapatiteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave220 Found
Fluorapophyllite-(K)Franklin, Ogdensburg Shortwave221 Found
Fluorapophyllite-(Na)Franklin  466  
FluoriteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave222 Found
FluorophlogopiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  467 Found
ForsteriteOgdensburg  225 Found
FraipontiteOgdensburg  226 Found
FranklinfurnaceiteFranklin (Type Locality)Yes 227  
FrankliniteFranklin (Type Locality), Ogdensburg  228 Found
FranklinphiliteFranklin (Type Locality)  229  
FriedeliteFranklin, Ogdensburg  230 Found
GageiteFranklin (Type Locality)  231  
GahniteFranklin, Ogdensburg  232 Found
GalenaFranklin, Ogdensburg  233 Found
GanomaliteFranklin  234  
GanophylliteFranklin  235  
GenthelviteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave236 Found
GersdorffiteFranklin  237  
GerstmanniteOgdensburg (Type Locality)YesLongwave238 Found, Type Locality
GlaucochroiteFranklin (Type Locality)  239  
GlaucodotFranklin  240  
GoethiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  241 Found
GoldOgdensburg  242 Found
GoldmaniteOgdensburg  243 Found
GraeseriteOgdensburg  244 Found
GraphiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  245 Found
GreenockiteFranklin, Ogdensburg Longwave246 Found
GrossularFranklin, Ogdensburg Longwave247 Found
GroutiteFranklin  248  
GruneriteFranklin  249  
GuériniteOgdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave250 Found
GypsumFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave251 Found
HaidingeriteOgdensburg  252 Found
HalotrichiteOgdensburg  253 Found
HancockiteFranklin (Type Locality)  254  
HardystoniteFranklin (Type Locality) Short, Mid and Longwave255  
HastingsiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  256 Found
HauckiteFranklin, Ogdensburg (Type Locality)Yes 257 Found, Type Locality
HausmanniteFranklin  259  
HawleyiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  260 Found
HedenbergiteFranklin  261  
HedyphaneFranklin Short, Mid and Longwave262  
Hellandite-(Y)Franklin  263  
HematiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  264 Found
HemimorphiteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave265 Found
HendricksiteFranklin (Type Locality), OgdensburgYes 266 Found
HercyniteFranklin, Ogdensburg  267 Found
HetaeroliteFranklin, Ogdensburg (Type Locality)  268 Found, Type Locality
Heulandite-NaOgdensburg  258 Found
HexahydriteOgdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave269 Found
HodgkinsoniteFranklin (Type Locality), OgdensburgYesMid and Longwave270 Found
HoldeniteFranklin (Type Locality), OgdensburgYes 271 Found
HübneriteFranklin  272  
HumiteFranklin, Ogdensburg Shortwave273 Found
HydrohetaeroliteOgdensburg (Type Locality)  274 Found, Type Locality
HydrotalciteFranklin, Ogdensburg Longwave275 Found
Hydroxyapophyllite-(K)Franklin Shortwave276  
HydrozinciteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave277 Found
IlmeniteFranklin  279  
JacobsiteFranklin  280  
JarosewichiteFranklin (Type Locality)Yes 281  
JarositeFranklin  468  
JerrygibbsiteFranklin (Type Locality)  282  
JohannseniteFranklin (Type Locality) Longwave283  
JohnbaumiteFranklin (Type Locality), Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave284 Found
JunitoiteFranklin Longwave285  
KaoliniteOgdensburg  286 Found
KentroliteFranklin  287  
KittatinnyiteFranklin (Type Locality)Yes 288  
KoliciteFranklin, Ogdensburg (Type Locality)Yes 289 Found, Type Locality
KöttigiteOgdensburg  290 Found
KraissliteOgdensburg (Type Locality)Yes 291 Found, Type Locality
KutnohoriteFranklin, Ogdensburg  292 Found
LarseniteFranklin (Type Locality)  293  
LaumontiteOgdensburg  294 Found
LavendulanOgdensburg  295 Found
LawsonbaueriteOgdensburg (Type Locality)Yes 296 Found, Type Locality
LeadFranklin  297  
LegranditeOgdensburg  298 Found
LennilenapeiteFranklin (Type Locality)  299  
LeucophoeniciteFranklin (Type Locality)  300  
LinariteOgdensburg  301 Found
LiroconiteOgdensburg  302 Found
LizarditeFranklin  303  
LöllingiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  304 Found
LoseyiteFranklin (Type Locality)  305  
Magnesio-hornblendeFranklin, Ogdensburg Shortwave306 Found
Magnesio-riebeckiteFranklin  307  
MagnesiochlorophoeniciteFranklin (Type Locality)Yes 308  
MagnetiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  309 Found
MagnussoniteOgdensburg  310 Found
MalachiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  311 Found
ManganberzeliiteFranklin  312  
ManganhumiteFranklin  313  
ManganiteFranklin  314  
ManganocummingtoniteFranklin, Ogdensburg  315 Found
ManganohörnesiteOgdensburg  316 Found
ManganositeFranklin  317  
ManjiroiteOgdensburg  469 Found
MarcasiteFranklin  318  
MargariteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave319 Found
MargarosaniteFranklin (Type Locality) Short, Mid and Longwave320  
MarialiteFranklin Short and Longwave321  
MarsturiteFranklin (Type Locality)  322  
McallisteriteOgdensburg Shortwave323 Found
McgoverniteOgdensburg (Type Locality)Yes 324 Found, Type Locality
MeioniteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave325 Found
Meta-ankoleiteOgdensburg Shortwave326 Found
MetalodèviteOgdensburg Shortwave327 Found
MetazeuneriteOgdensburg  328 Found
MicroclineFranklin, Ogdensburg Shortwave329 Found
MiguelromeroiteOgdensburg (Type Locality)  330 Found, Type Locality
MimetiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  331 Found
MinehilliteFranklin (Type Locality)YesShort, Mid and Longwave332  
MolybdeniteFranklin, Ogdensburg  333 Found
Monazite-(Ce)Franklin  334  
MonohydrocalciteOgdensburg Shortwave335 Found
MooreiteOgdensburg (Type Locality)  336 Found, Type Locality
MuscoviteFranklin, Ogdensburg  337 Found
NasoniteFranklin (Type Locality) Short and Midwave338  
NatroliteOgdensburg  339 Found
NeleniteFranklin (Type Locality)  340  
NeotociteFranklin, Ogdensburg  341 Found
NewberyiteOgdensburg Shortwave342 Found
NiahiteOgdensburg  343 Found
NickelineFranklin  344  
NontroniteOgdensburg  345 Found
NorbergiteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short and Midwave346 Found
OgdensburgiteOgdensburg (Type Locality)  347 Found, Type Locality
OjuelaiteOgdensburg  348 Found
OpalFranklin, Ogdensburg Shortwave470 Found
OrthoclaseFranklin  349  
OrthoserpieriteOgdensburg  350 Found
OtaviteOgdensburg  351 Found
ParabrandtiteOgdensburg (Type Locality)  352 Found, Type Locality
ParagoniteOgdensburg  353 Found
PararammelsbergiteFranklin  354  
PararealgarOgdensburg  355 Found
ParasymplesiteOgdensburg  356 Found
PargasiteFranklin Shortwave357  
PectoliteFranklin Short and Midwave358  
PennantiteFranklin  359  
PetedunniteFranklin (Type Locality)  360  
PharmacoliteOgdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave361 Found
PharmacosideriteOgdensburg  362 Found
PhlogopiteOgdensburg Shortwave363 Found
PicropharmacoliteOgdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave364 Found
PiemontiteOgdensburg  365 Found
PimeliteFranklin  471  
PowelliteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave366 Found
PrehniteFranklin Short, Mid and Longwave367  
Pumpellyite-(Mg)Franklin  368  
PyriteFranklin, Ogdensburg  369 Found
PyroauriteOgdensburg  371 Found
PyrobeloniteFranklin  372  
PyrochroiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  373 Found
PyromorphiteOgdensburg Midwave472 Found
PyrophaniteOgdensburg  374 Found
Pyrosmalite-(Mn)Ogdensburg (Type Locality)  375 Found, Type Locality
PyroxferroiteFranklin  377  
PyroxmangiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  376 Found
PyrrhotiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  378 Found
QuartzFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave379 Found
RammelsbergiteFranklin  380  
RealgarOgdensburg  381 Found
ReineriteOgdensburg Short and Longwave482 Found
Retzian-(La)Ogdensburg (Type Locality)  382 Found, Type Locality
Retzian-(Nd)Ogdensburg (Type Locality)  383 Found, Type Locality
RhodochrositeFranklin, Ogdensburg  384 Found
RhodoniteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave385 Found
RibbeiteFranklin  473  
RichteriteFranklin  386  
RoeblingiteFranklin (Type Locality) Short, Mid and Longwave387  
Roméite 1Franklin  3881 
RosasiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  389 Found
RouaiteOgdensburg (Type Locality)  390 Found, Type Locality
RoweiteFranklin (Type Locality)  391  
RutileFranklin, Ogdensburg  392 Found
SaffloriteFranklin  393  
SamfowleriteFranklin (Type Locality)YesShort, Mid and Longwave394  
SarkiniteFranklin, Ogdensburg  395 Found
SauconiteOgdensburg  396 Found
SchalleriteFranklin (Type Locality)  397  
ScheeliteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short and Midwave398 Found
SchorlOgdensburg  399 Found
SclariteFranklin (Type Locality)  400  
ScoroditeOgdensburg  401 Found
SeligmanniteOgdensburg  402 Found
SepioliteFranklin  403  
SerpieriteOgdensburg  404 Found
SideriteFranklin, Ogdensburg  405 Found
SillimaniteOgdensburg  406 Found
SilverFranklin, Ogdensburg  407 Found
SkutteruditeFranklin  408  
SmithsoniteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave409 Found
SonoliteOgdensburg  410 Found
SpangoliteOgdensburg  411 Found
SpessartineFranklin, Ogdensburg  412 Found
SphaleriteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave413 Found
SpinelFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave414 Found
StarkeyiteOgdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave415 Found
SterlinghilliteOgdensburg (Type Locality)  416 Found, Type Locality
StibniteOgdensburg  417 Found
StilbiteOgdensburg  480 Found
StilpnomelaneFranklin  420  
StrontianiteFranklin Shortwave421  
Sulfur (IMA = sulphur)Ogdensburg  422 Found
SussexiteFranklin (Type Locality), Ogdensburg  423 Found
SvabiteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short and Midwave481 Found
SynadelphiteOgdensburg  424 Found
Synchysite-(Ce)Franklin  425  
SzaibélyiteOgdensburg  474 Found
TalcFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave426 Found
TennantiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  427 Found
TenoriteFranklin  475  
TephroiteFranklin, Ogdensburg (Type Locality)  428 Found, Type Locality
TetrahedriteOgdensburg  429 Found
Thomsonite-CaFranklin, Ogdensburg Shortwave430 Found
ThoriteFranklin  431  
ThortveititeOgdensburg  432 Found
ThorutiteFranklin  433  
TilasiteOgdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave434 Found
TitaniteFranklin, Ogdensburg Shortwave435 Found
TodorokiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  436 Found
TorreyiteOgdensburg (Type Locality)Yes 437 Found, Type Locality
TremoliteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave438 Found
TurneaureiteFranklin (Type Locality) Short, Mid and Longwave439  
UraniniteFranklin, Ogdensburg  440 Found
UranophaneOgdensburg  441 Found
UranospiniteOgdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave442 Found
VesuvianiteFranklin, Ogdensburg  444 Found
WallkilldelliteOgdensburg (Type Locality)  446 Found, Type Locality
WawayandaiteFranklin (Type Locality)Yes 447  
WendwilsoniteOgdensburg (Type Locality)  448 Found, Type Locality
WillemiteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave449 Found
WollastoniteFranklin, Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave450 Found
WoodruffiteOgdensburg (Type Locality)  451 Found, Type Locality
WulfeniteOgdensburg  452 Found
WurtziteOgdensburg  453 Found
XonotliteFranklin Short, Mid and Longwave454  
YeatmaniteFranklin (Type Locality), Ogdensburg  455 Found
YukoniteOgdensburg  456 Found
ZinciteFranklin (Type Locality), Ogdensburg Short, Mid and Longwave457 Found
ZinkeniteOgdensburg  458 Found
ZirconFranklin, Ogdensburg Short and Midwave459 Found
ZnucaliteOgdensburg Short and Midwave460 Found
* The Franklin mining district including Ogdensburg.
Total minerals found in area 370
Total minerals unique to area 19
Total fluorescent minerals found in area 98

List Notes

Mineral List copied from the show booklet for the 61st Franklin-Sterling Gem and Mineral Show.
Fluorescent information from The Picking Table Volume 57, No. 2 - Fall 2016, pg. 10 and Volume 58, No. 1 - Spring 2017, pg. 11.
As printed, Chlorophoenicite-F (TL), missing O as it is found in Ogdensburg.
As printed, Franklinfurnacite- (TL), missing the "F" in location.
Svabite - was not in list, but was verified, Picking Table Volume 58, No. 1 - Spring 2017, pg. 19
As printed, Sillimannite, removed second “n” to correct spelling.


1. Roméite is no longer a species name but refers to a series of minerals intermediate between oxyplumboromeite and fluorcalcioromeite. Partial chemical analyses suggest that the member present in the local area is either fluorcalcioromeite or, more likely, the as-yet-unnamed hydroxyl analogue of that species.